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1. Prepare Your Ministry for Another Active Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season officially started June 1, and weather experts say this season is likely to produce above-normal activity. Take action to prepare your ministry to withstand a hurricane now, so you’re not scrambling when a watch or warning is posted.

Tags: hurricane, weather, weather emergency, safety, damage, prevent damage, protect
2. Avoid Frozen Pipes as Temperatures Plummet

As temperatures plummet, the risk of freezing pipes soars. Frozen pipes can cause costly messes that could also put your ministry on hold while you clean up.

Tags: frozen, building, pipes, prevent damage
3. 7 Steps to Reduce the Risk of Frozen Pipes

Many churches found themselves cleaning up messes caused by burst pipes—not only a costly experience, but also one that can put a ministry on hold.

Tags: frozen, building, pipes, prevent damage

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