Keep Your Ministry's Money Safe with Organizational Optional Theft Coverage

Theft isn’t just an issue for banks and large companies. Sometimes the kind and caring nature of your ministry is exactly what makes you a target. Organizational Optional Theft Coverage helps to assure that, if a thief takes advantage of your institution, what’s lost can be restored.

Theft can be disorienting and often leaves ministries wondering if their budgets will be able to recover the loss of resources. Theft happens in more ways than you might think. For example, your business administrator's laptop is hacked, and the thief accesses your ministry's bank account login information. They use it to transfer several thousand dollars to an untraceable account. You discover this a few weeks later when multiple ministry checks bounce.

The Organizational Optional Theft coverage pays up to the selected limits of coverage for losses including:

  • Loss by theft of money by coercion or electronic means.
  • Loss by theft, forgery, or alteration of instruments or contracts representing money or other property.
  • Theft of personal property.
  • Theft of materials or supplies used for construction, alteration, or repair of your building.

To learn more about this coverage, contact your local agent.