Are You Covered If You're Injured Overseas?

Recently, we learned about two major overseas incidents involving pastors on mission trips. The first incident involved a pastor being hit by a motorcycle while running. The second was a bus accident involving two pastors. The runner and one of the two bus passengers sustained extensive injuries.

Unfortunately, in both cases, neither ministry had Faith Ventures travel insurance, which could have covered their medical needs as well as medical evacuations. While a church may have limited coverage under its liability policy, having Faith Ventures travel insurance would have provided more protection for these pastors.

No one wants to experience a medical emergency, especially in a different country with so many unknown variables.

  • Where is the closest hospital?
  • Can they provide adequate care?
  • What if we need to be evacuated?
  • Can you afford the care you need with the money you have on hand?
  • Are language services available?

This is why making sure your mission travelers are properly covered is crucial. Travel insurance can provide assistance, protection, and guidance amid a crisis.

Faith Ventures offers 24/7 emergency help, medical evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment, and more. Ideally, your ministry’s travelers will be covered by Worldwide Liability and Faith Ventures as these coverages were designed to go hand in hand as the liability coverage is built for the church, and Faith Ventures protects the individual. Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about your current coverage.