June Is National Safety Month - Week 1: Emergency Preparedness

The National Safety Council has designated June as National Safety Month, so we want to make sure your ministry is doing everything it can to protect its people, property, and programs. Each week in June, we’ll tackle a different topic. Up this week: Emergency Preparedness.

Preparing your ministry for an emergency is more important than ever in today’s world. Consider whether your ministry has a plan for the following scenarios.

A Natural Disaster

First, prioritize which natural disaster presents the biggest threat to your church. More tornadoes strike Texas each year than any other state. The Texas Department of State Health Services provides tips on how to prepare your ministry for a twister. Next, ask local experts what to consider when constructing a natural disaster plan. Finally, decide what items to in your emergency inventory.

To assure your church’s preparedness, run through drills with staff and volunteers who will help guide people in case of an emergency, and keep a list of members designated to respond to an emergency.    

Medical Emergency

Accidents or medical emergencies during church and ministry activities are not uncommon. Assembling a medical response team and establishing guidelines for dealing with these incidents can help ensure quick and consistent aid for the injured, and can reduce the risk of future legal problems for your church or ministry.

Brotherhood Mutual’s article “Creating a Medical Emergency Response Team” has more helpful information about how to prepare for a medical emergency.  

A Violent Attack

Violent attacks at schools and churches are becoming increasingly common. Is your ministry prepared to respond should it become a target? If you don’t have one already, consider putting together a Safety and Security Team for your ministry. Then, equip them with the knowledge skills and practice they need to respond should a violent attack or other safety incident occur.

Brotherhood Mutual’s most recent issue of The Deacon’s Bench expands on this and other topics related to the security of your ministry.

We pray that your ministry never has to face any of these scenarios. By planning ahead, you can help your congregation prepare for the unknown. Check out the Safety and Security page on our website for more helpful resources for your ministry.