Protect Your Ministry from Tropical Storm Damage

We’re right in the middle of hurricane season in Texas and Tropical Depression Fourteen is strengthening in the Gulf and expected to make landfall early next week. These storms bring high winds and flooding that can easily damage your ministry’s property.

If you're in an area that could be hit by a tropical storm or hurricane, look into repairs and upgrades that could prevent or reduce damage to your church and school buildings. Some projects may require professional help. Here are a few ideas from Brotherhood Mutual to help minimize damage from a hurricane:

  • When a hurricane watch is posted, move any outside furniture or equipment indoors.
  • Anchor your building’s roof to the walls using hurricane straps. If your windows break during a hurricane, this will help keep the roof from being lifted off by the wind pressure that enters the building.
  • Trim trees and shrubbery. This will reduce the chance that a branch could become a projectile or fall on your building.
  • Install storm shutters on your windows and glass doors. A less expensive option is to use ¾ inch-thick plywood that you can put up when a watch is posted.

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