Save Lives with a Church Medical Response Team

If someone in your congregation suddenly needs emergency medical attention would your church know how to respond quickly and correctly to help save that person’s life? Medical emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime, which is why it’s important for your ministry to be prepared to respond.

Below are eight tips to get your ministry on its way to emergency medical preparedness.

1. Assemble a team.  When organizing your ministry’s emergency response team, try to include people who have a background in the medical field—nurses, physicians, and medical technicians.

2. Have backup. Not all emergency team members will be in attendance at every church function. Try to have enough volunteers so that at least two people are always ready to respond to a medical crisis.

3. Offer training. Your medical response team will only be effective if members have the proper training. Offer classes in first aid, CPR, and AED use, so that if the time comes they will be able to provide basic care until medical professionals arrive.

4. Determine a home base. Consider having the medical response team sit in a designated pew or area at events. If something happens, the congregation will know exactly where to find help without wasting time.

5. Get equipped. Make sure your response team has the equipment. At minimum, your church or ministry should have an automated external defibrillator (AED). Having one could mean the difference between life and death because it analyzes the heart’s rhythm and prompts users to deliver a shock, if needed.

6. Think first-aid. Stock up on first-aid kits from a professional supplier. Suppliers offer kits with a larger variety of supplies than kits sold at pharmacies and medical supply stores that serve the general public. 

7. Designate a dialer. Assign a few volunteers to dial 911 or other numbers from their cell phones in an emergency situation.

8. Spread the word. Make sure the congregation knows an emergency response team exists and who the team members are, so when there’s an emergency at church, members will know who to contact for help.