Sorting Through Mission Travel Insurance

As your church mission team prepares for a short term international trip, it’s important to think through what risks your team will be exposed to and what insurance coverage you may need while you do God’s work abroad.

Faith Ventures mission travel insurance products allow your team to book, insure, and manage your next short term mission trip. With Faith Ventures, your team has options including the following:

1. Faith Ventures Travel Medical Insurance – The Faith Ventures card offers an affordable travel medical insurance option that comes with single- or multi-trip plans for foreign and domestic short-term mission travel. It offers insurance protection for:

  • Accident and illness medical expense
  • Security and emergency medical evacuation
  • Trip cancellation coverage
  • Primary coverage with no deductible

Faith Ventures also gives your team access to discounted airfare, 24/7 emergency travel assistance, currency exchange discounts, trip management tools, and hundreds of retail discounts.

2. Worldwide Liability Insurance – Medical emergencies and accident-related lawsuits are common liability hazards your ministry’s mission travelers could face, as are lawsuits that are a result of religious acts and religious communications.

If you are already a Brotherhood Mutual MinistryFirst customer, Worldwide Liability and Medical Extension Coverage provides virtually all of the liability and medical coverages of a MinistryFirst policy to the ministry, its covered representatives, and travelers related to short-term ministry activities anywhere in the world. This policy endorsement also includes limited kidnap and ransom coverage.

3. Kidnap and Ransom – No one wants to think of the possibility of a kidnap and ransom situation while serving on a mission trip. However, it is prudent to acknowledge that the risk exists and to consider purchasing coverage for these worst case scenarios.

Some liability insurance policies may include limited funds for kidnap and ransom situations, but your ministry may want to consider additional insurance protection. Contact your American Church Group agent, or Brotherhood Mutual’s mission travel team at 800-876-4994, to learn more.